Saturday, 22 September 2012

Birthday Cakes & Anna Masks

What could be better than a birthday party? Maybe two birthday partys! How about if at one birthday party the Birthday Girl's face is presented on fabulous masks! And then maybe at the other party the Birthday Boy's face could appear on the birthday cake. And we could all knock back cocktails and eat massive pizzas and drink endless amounts of wine. If that could happen this is what it could look like...

It all starts so civilised!

Anna & some masked mates! Thanks to Penny Miller for supplying this pic

Ahhhhh! Wheres my pizza!

Oooo! Scary couple!

How beautiful! ;-)

A nice, quiet rendition of 'Happy Birthday'... with a Gong!

Blow out the candles and wish for cake...


Happy Birthday Girl

Urgh! Bill time!

2nd birthday party of the day! Happy Birthday to Enda who will be playing banjo at some of my up & coming gigs. No Enda masks at this party. Although his image did appear on his birthday cake!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Victory Parade London 2012

Time for one last hurrah! A big party which everyone was invited to!
On Monday 10th September, 21 floats filled with 800 exceptional sports men and women journeyed through the streets of London. The Victory Parade provided us with an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our Olympians & Paralympians. Our Great British athletes have provided us with an amazing, unforgettable summer, and an estimated one million people wanted to show their appreciation by lining the route of the parade. I already miss the Olympics and Paralympics. But all good things must come to an end. Boo hoo! Thanks for the memories

The crowd begin to gather on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral

Waiting for the athletes

The Mobot

Victoria Pendleton

Tom Daley

No, this is not the gymnasts. It’s the rowers!


The lively atmosphere of the parade

The Brownlee Brothers

Time for post parade drinkypoos...

... Mascots are also invited!

All photographs © Samantha Edgley. All rights reserved

Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Balloon Beside the Seaside

What could be better than a day on the beach in the sunshine? How about a day on the beach and a trip in a giant helium balloon! I was missing Dorset and so decided to briefly return, and this time the seaside destination was Bournemouth. Now Bournemouth may have a reputation for being a bit bland, but don't believe the naysayers. It's a vibrant, fun place to visit, but perhaps the best way to view it is from the air in their iconic tethered balloon.

Deckchair for a giant

Going dizzy!

Tunes from the bandstand

The Union Jack candle display

Up & Away

The park below

The balloon provides 20 mile views of Bournemouth & the English Channel

The Bournemouth Balloon reaches a height of 500ft (not ideal for those with vertigo!)

The view above

Watching from the gondola of the helium balloon

It's landed!

Sadly the icecreams weren't this size!

Bournemouth's pier

Time for some fishing

... Fishing for Ducks

Some friends I met in the Arcade. Cheerful bunch!

I won a prize!

All photographs © Samantha Edgley. All rights reserved