Sunday, 4 November 2012

Music & Melodies in Muswell Hill: St James Church

As a Muswell Hillbilly & a music lover, I believe the monthly music concerts at St James Church to be a perfect way to spend a Saturday lunchtime. :-) Beautiful music, stunning setting, and its free! I highly recommend it. The quality of musicianship is excellent.  Here are some photographs I took at yesterdays show.

For details about future concerts and events at St James Church please see:

A sunny Saturday lunchtime in Muswell Hill

St James Church

The quiet before the storm. Pre-show time

First performer, organist Chris George

The Wilton Quartet

Performing Beethoven's String Quartet, Op 18 No 1

Some Elvis tunes

Emily Bleakley (vocals), Charlie Hulme (guitar), Amber Salladin (piano)

Alan Cooper (baritone), Trine Pearse (soprano)

Amber Salladin, pianist & Minister of Classical Music

Take a bow

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Beside the See Side

All photographs © Samantha Edgley. All rights reserved

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